Suriname, mi lobi yu

Suriname, mi lobi yu


I actually should have written about Suriname earlier, as I have traveled there at least 15 times in my life. And I will continue to go there often because of my special relationship with the country.

Suriname is the birthplace of my parents. Both of them were born in Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname. My father was born in Bergershoopweg (Path of Wanica) and my mother in Livorno near the Highway. I still have a lot of family and friends living there so it’s always nice to see them and spend time with them again.

I was there at the end of January 2018. I went there for 12 days to attend my nephew’s wedding. Weddings in Surinam are very different from weddings here in Holland. They take longer and are usually celebrated in the yard of the bride or groom (in a large tent). There were parties the whole week, not only for the wedding but also birthdays in between so the 12 days flew by! I really enjoyed myself and decided to go back in August 2018. I noticed that I had missed my family and friends so I stayed there for 3 weeks this time, but the weeks just flew by!

I just got back a week ago. My nephew, with whom I also have a special bond, got married on August 30 and 31, 2019. I had promised him that I would come when he got married and this promise was of course to blame. It was super fun!!

For me Su is a place I can quickly escape to when I need a break. It feels like coming home to me. I am usually there with family and/or friends, chilling in the hammock, catching up and mainly eating a lot!  I will describe some general things about Suriname below.

Suriname in general

Suriname, officially the Republic of Suriname, is a republic on the northeast coast of South America with Paramaribo as its capital. In the past Surinam was part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and before that was a colony of the Netherlands.

Suriname gained its independence on November 25th, 1975 and then became an independent republic as we know it today.

Culture and language

Suriname is a country where a mosque might be right next to a synagogue. The population consists of a mix of Hindustani, Javanese, Chinese, Africans and Europeans. Of course, you also have the indigenous population. Although Dutch is the official language, Hakkah, Sranang, Sarnami, English and a few other languages ​​are also spoken there.


There is a tropical climate in Suriname, so the temperature fluctuates between 24 and 38 degrees. It is fantastic! The Surinamese climate consists of four seasons: short rainy season, long rainy season, short dry period, and long dry period.

Time difference

In the summer here, Suriname is 5 hours behind the Netherlands and in the winter it is 4 hours behind. There is no daylight savings time in Surinam.

Traffic and route

In Suriname they drive on the left. Pay attention to this if you are used to the right, as it takes some getting used to.

Food and drinks

There are plenty of great places to eat and drink. Suriname is really a culinary hotspot because of the many cultures that co-exist there. Here are my top 10 places:


1) Lucky Twins, they are known for their delicious Chinese cuisine such as Tjawmin, chopsoi, min soup, etc.

2) Sarina’s, they are known for their delicious Javanese cuisine such as nasi goring (fried rice), bami (noodles), various snacks.

3) Shakers, here you can relax with a beer or tasty cocktails. But you can also enjoy their tasty pasta alfredo, spring rolls, and much more.

4) Fernandes in the pit stop of the GOW2 pumping station where you can go for a delicious piece of cake and of course their delicious kapsalon ( fries with meat and cheese).

5) Chi Min. This is one of the oldest and most famous Chinese restaurants in Suriname.

6) Blue ground, it has various locations, so I usually look to see where it is busy. Here you have small huts where you can go for a delicious saoto soup but also different dishes from Javanese and Surinamese cuisine.

7) Saté at Waterfront of Domburg.

8) Squeezy, this is a hotpot restaurant. It is very special and tasty and you can choose what you want in your soup that you can prepare yourself at the table.

9) Queens garden, a nice terrace opposite the large hotel Torarica with nice music. Here you also have great cocktails and delicious food, including both Surinamese cuisine and a barbeque.

10) Kokobana, one of the restaurants with delicious Mexican food and nice music.


Please note: this is my personal top 10. Of course there are many more great restaurants.


In Suriname there are many market places such as Kwatta market, Central market, Chinese market, Saoena market, etc. The market days are usually on Wednesday and Sunday. The largest market in Suriname is the central market, which is open every day except Sunday. At the market you can buy everything, including fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, meat, clothing, and especially good food.


There are also different recreation activities. Of course, it entirely depends on what you want. Nature lovers will really enjoy themselves there – from simply swimming in nice dark cold creek water to relaxing among the rocks in the solas. But you can also take fun and educational forest walks or head to the savanna. There are plenty of options. In terms of luxury, there is nothing to complain about. However, the deeper you go into the forest, the less luxury there is and the closer you get to nature. The variety of flora and fauna make it a paradise for nature lovers.

There are also tour operators available, so you can book a nice fully organized tour. Some famous places that I can recommend are Blanchemarie Falls, Bakaboto, Volts Mountain, and Rally Falls. All are beautiful natural environments.

Every time I travel to Suriname, I enjoy myself to the fullest. I’m always welcomed by family and friends who love me and receive me with open arms.


See you again next year Su!

Love, Andjena





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